Here is a list of the many organizations at St. John's. We encourage our parishioners to be as involved as they can be. Every group is always open to new members. Get involved today...


Organization Name

Organization Head

Phone Number

Religious Education Ms. Cathy Salzman 716-873-1122 ext 33
Outreach Various 716-873-2933
Music Ministry Ms. Cheryl Brinker 716-873-1122 ext 11
Youth Ministry Ms. Marie Hardy 716-873-1122 ext 13
Parish Council Mr. Canio Marasco 716-873-1122
Marriage Preparation John/Lynne Manning 716-873-1122
RCIA/Spiritual Life Sr. Jolene Ellis 716-873-1122 ext 15
Prayer Network Joan LaDuca 716-873-1122
Health Ministry Sandy Diagostino 716-873-1122
Respect Life Sharon Murphy 716-873-1122
Social Justice Sr. Jolene Ellis 716-873-1122 ext 15
Holy Name JR Drexelius 716-873-1122
Neumann Guild Mrs. Andy Cammarata 716-873-1122
Travel Club Toni DiFrancesco 716-873-1122
Ladies of Charity Mary O'Shei 716-873-1122
Prayer Shawl Betty Zebrowski 716-873-1122
SJPAA (Parish Athletics) Steve Kamens 716-873-1122
Boy Scouts Don Hourigan 716-873-1122
Girl Scouts Jessica Sidor 716-873-1122
Cub pack 104 William Boy 716-873-1122