From Father Michael's Desk

A message from Rev. Michael Parker on the sudden passing of Deacon James Waggoner

Rest in Peace “…my good and faithful servant…come, share your master’s joy.” ---Matthew 25: 21

Our parish mourns the sudden death of Deacon James Waggoner (Sunday, Sept. 20), who has served here for over ten years. His presence has been evident in so many aspects of our community of faith. Deacon Jim:
  • Assisted at Mass
  • Baptized many of our children
  • Led and participated in many of our prayer and liturgical services
  • Shared the Eucharist with the sick and homebound
  • Assisted at Kenmore Mercy Hospital visiting and praying with the sick
  • Taught Religious Education
  • Was present at our many school and parish functions
  • Assisted with our youth program
  • Holy Name Society member
In the face of death, the Church confidently proclaims that God has created each person for eternal life and that Jesus, by his death and resurrection, has broken the chains of sin and death.
At this time, we pray in thanksgiving to God for all Deacon Jim has shared with our parish and with all those he has served in God’s Name. We pray for his happy repose and for consolation to his wife Elizabeth, their children, and families.

As Deacon Jim was so faithful in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessed to Christian hope in the Resurrection, may that same hope and consolation be present to us.

May the Lord God, give Deacon Jim the reward promised to those who show their love of you by service to their neighbor.

The Road to Renewal

A message from Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As you may now be aware, we have embarked on a “Road to Renewal” here in our Diocese which aims to reinvigorate Catholic faith, to optimize more fully parish and diocesan resources, and, importantly, increase the reach and impact of our varied ministries throughout Western New York. Toward this end, I formed a Diocesan Renewal Task Force this past summer to look at how others in dioceses across the country have faced similar challenges that we now confront with regard to diminished financial resources and reduced church and school attendance, but who have been successful in promoting a culture of co-responsibility among laity, clergy and religious in carrying out the work of evangelization, education and service.

Beginning in the coming days and continuing into October, the Task Force members, along with the Vicars of the Diocese, will be conducting regional consultation sessions in order to gain insight and input from parish leaders, school administrators, and from parishioners across the diocese that will inform decisions about how we will be structured and operate going forward. I want to assure you that there are no predefined conclusions or decisions regarding the way in which regions, parishes and schools will be affected. We are intent on determining how best to preserve individual parish identities as a “Family of Families” - regardless of decisions that may change the way any one parish family is organized and experiences the fullness of Catholic life.

Read more.

The Road to Renewal - Key Messages

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Prayer for Spiritual Communion

For those who are unable to receive Holy Communion while watching televised Masses, we can pray An Act of Spiritual Communion:

My Jesus,
I believe that You present in the
Most Holy Sacrament.
I love you and I desire to receive
You into my soul.
Since I cannot receive You sacramentally,
come spiritually into my heart.
Jesus you’re the one I love;
you’re the one I know.
You’re the one who makes me strong,
Spirit in my soul.

Bread, blessed and broken for us all,
symbol of your love from the grain so tall.
Bread blessed and broken for us all,
bread of life you give to us,
bread of life for all. Amen.

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