The Sacrament of Matrimony provides a visible sign of God’s love and commitment to us through the married couple. As they publicly profess their love for one another and commitment to the marriage, they have also invited Christ into this union.  Living this commitment out has its challenges, yet the sacramental nature of matrimony gives a unique grace to the relationship that can make all the difference between getting married and celebrating the sacrament of matrimony.

Procedure at St. John's

When a couple becomes engaged they are invited to contact the parish secretary to request a meeting with one of our clergy.  At the time of the initial meeting, dates for the wedding ceremony and rehearsal are determined. Additional meetings with the priest follow diocesan procedures.

At St. John’s, the engaged couple has the choice of attending preparation classes with a couple from the parish, or the day-long Pre-Cana sponsored by the diocese.

Because there are many weddings each year at St. John’s, couples are encouraged to contact the secretary well in advance of the proposed wedding date (at least six months to a year).

Please call the rectory at 716-873-1122 for more information.