Funeral or Memorial Mass

Scheduling a Funeral or Memorial Mass at St. John the Baptist CHURCH or The Shrine of St. John Neumann CHAPEL is often done by contacting your local Funeral Home or by calling our Rectory Office at 761-873-1122.

We offer our Christian Funeral Planning Booklet as an outline to assist you in the choices to be made for your loved one's Mass. The following is a link to our Funeral Planning Booklet and a separate link to the Funeral Planning Sheet which should be completed and submitted to the Rectory Office at 1085 Englewood Ave. or FAX to 716-873-3305 or emailed to us here. This should be done prior to or by the evening before the funeral at the latest.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way both now and in the days ahead. On behalf of St. John the Baptist Parish, we offer you our prayers and support and ask God's blessings on you, your loved one, and your family.